Dartmouth: 635 Portland Hills Drive
      Bedford: 1595 Bedford Highway

Benefit Nights at Finbar’s

Benefits Nights at Finbar's

Want a tasty way to raise money for your organization?

Have a Benefit Night at Finbar’s and we’ll donate 15% of the proceeds to your group!

Who can participate?

Any non-profit group looking for a fun way to raise funds for a good cause. Finbar’s is happy to support school programs, sports teams, local and international charities, animal shelters, community groups and more!

How does it work?

  1. Contact Finbar’s. We’ll decide on a Monday night that works for your group. Our events generally go from 5pm until close.
  2. Promote the heck out of it! Put it on your website, Facebook or other social media. Email everyone you know. If you have a newsletter, use it! We recommend that you create a flyer and distribute it in your neighbourhood and at your school or business. The more you get the word out, the more people will attend, the more money you will raise!
  3. Finbar’s will track the sales associated with the event, report that to you the following day and issue a cheque for the amount the following week.
  4. That’s it!

Tips for Promoting Your Event

  • You should work closely with your organization to ensure that all the important details about your cause are included in your communications; what are you raising money for and why?
  • Encourage your invitees to share the invitation with their contacts and on their own social media.
  • We recommend that you and/or members of your group plan to be there for the duration of the event to interact with your guests and show your appreciation.
  • To maximize the opportunity, we recommend you try to bundle your fundraising. While you have your supporters in the same room you could raffle other items, hold a 50/50 draw (please check with Alcohol & Gaming first!), sell tickets for a “Gift Card Tree”, or even just have a donation jar to pass around. We find that as much or more money is raised by these secondary means as through the 15%.

Your promotional communications should include:

  • Your organization’s name, logo, and the date of the event.
  • A description of the Benefit Night offer, i.e. Come dine at Finbar’s and 15% of all sales will be donated to: [Your Group’s Name Here]
  • Finbar’s address and contact info:

    Sunnyside Mall, Bedford
    635 Portland Hills Drive, Dartmouth

    (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC! You definitely don’t want your people showing up at the wrong Finbar’s location! And yes, this has actually happened.)

  • Optional: A Map – Although it’s not required, it is a good idea to include a map and/or directions to Finbar’s somewhere on your flyer or in your emails.
  • Clear Expectations:
  • The average guest check at Finbar’s is approximately $30/person. Therefore, to generate $300 in funds from the 15% you’ll need a turnout of 65 individuals.
  • This is why we recommend you use several methods to fundraise throughout the Benefit Night.
  • The best result we’ve ever had was $2100; of that $435 was generated from the 15% of revenue (Sales: $2900, Guest Count: Approx. 90) and $1665 was from their secondary means.

For more information on how to book a Benefit Night at Finbar’s, please email us:

Bedford Location: bedfordinfo@finbars.ca

Portland Hills Location: portlandhillsinfo@finbars.ca